How to Pick the Right Drapes for Different Rooms

People should love where they live. When homeowners need to pick custom drapes for a particular room in their house, they should consider a few different factors. With some careful thought and research, the right drapes can help make a house feel like a home.

Of course, drapery should regulate the amount of light entering a room to the owner’s liking. However, the aesthetics of the drapes themselves are just as important. Here are a few tips for choosing drapery:

Location, Location, Location

First of all, where in the house is the room? And where in the room are the windows? These might seem like obvious questions, but they are worth getting out in the open.

The location of a room and its windows can determine the type of drapes that should go there. For example, people might want thicker drapes if a room’s windows face east. Otherwise, they could end up getting blinding sunlight in their eyes every morning.

Conversely, people might want lighter drapes for rooms in areas that do not typically get much light. Dim light makes rooms feel like dungeons at times. More sunlight and an attractive drape design can make it much more pleasant to be in a room.

Purpose of the Room
Next, homeowners should think about the room’s purpose. Here are a few examples:

• Bedrooms: In the bedroom, privacy matters more than just about anything. Consequently, people will probably want drapes that keep outsiders from looking in. Also, thicker drapes can help ensure that people get enough sleep. An appealing drape design can make a bedroom feel cozier too.

• Kitchens:
Most people prefer having a lot of natural light while they cook. There are plenty of sheer drapes and café curtains that add a sense of freshness to a kitchen without compromising on privacy.

• Living Rooms:
Likelier than not, homeowners, family members and guests will end up spending a lot of time in living rooms. Therefore, the décor in these rooms should strike a balance between intimacy and openness. Custom drapery can help give a living room character and invite people to come in and make themselves at home.

Smith & Noble offers consumers a wide variety of attractive, useful custom drapery. The company’s staff takes pride in helping homeowners find the looks they want for their rooms.

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Smith & Noble has provided top-quality custom drapes, blinds, shutters and other window coverings since 1987. Time and again, the company has earned the trust of its customers by delivering functionality and personal style.

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